Harvesting Your Cabbage

Emily - North Carolina

About 82 days after planting, your cabbage will be ready to pick. To be sure it’s ready for harvest, squeeze the head and make sure it’s firm throughout. If the head presses in easily and feels loose, it still needs more time to mature.

Harvest the cabbage when it is firm throughout, but before it starts splitting, which can be caused by rainfall. It’s always best to harvest as soon as the cabbage is ready!

Ask an adult to cut the cabbage at the lowest point possible, leaving the loose outer leaves attached to the stalk.

After harvest, remember to ask an adult to take a digital (cellphone) image of you with your cabbage. A good image will show the entire cabbage and you, be creative with your image!
Weigh your cabbage then send the image of yourself with your cabbage and it’s weight to your 3rd grade teacher. Your teacher will submit your image and the cabbage weight to Bonnie Plants, for entry into our contest!