How to Plant Your Cabbage in the Ground
You'll need:
Cabbage Plant
Spade or Shovel
Watering can or garden hose with sprinkler nozzle
Step 1.
Working together, adults and kids should pick a planting spot that receives full sun. As with any planting, choose a spot away from any buried cables, wires, or pipes. Allow 3 feet on all sides of your planting hole for your cabbage to grow.
Step 2.
Use a spade or shovel to loosen the soil, then mix in a few shovels of compost to enrich the soil. Make a small hole with your hands or a trowel.
Step 3.
Remove your cabbage from the packaging. Place your cabbage in the hole you created, pressing down a little to help the roots make contact with the soil. Plant it so an inch or two of the stem is buried.
Step 4.
Fill in the hole around your plant, and press the soil firmly to remove air pockets.
Step 5.
Gently water your plant using a watering can or a hose with a sprinkler nozzle. Feed your plant according to fertilizer package instructions.
Step 6.
Feed your plant according to fertilizer label instructions.